Baby Glimpses provides expectant mothers with the highest quality elective prenatal ultrasound imaging experience.

Baby Glimpses was started because I wanted to give others the breathtaking experience of seeing their unborn child just like I did with mine while they were still in the womb. I understand the excitement and emotions expectant mothers feel when seeing their babies for the first time. I have been blessed enough to be able to share this with mothers everyday! Baby Glimpses is family owned and operated. We have kept our studio very welcoming and comfortable unlike other studios that look like sterile bleak medical offices. We believe that your experience should be warm and inviting since you will soon be inviting your unborn into this wonderful world.

From a yawn to a hiccup or stretch, your ultrasound will allow you to take a sneak peek at your unborn child in the womb. We only use state of the art 3D/4D/HD ultrasound machines by GE Voluson to ensure you get the best images of your unborn baby. Our goal at Baby Glimpses is to ensure that you have the best experience that you could possibly have.

We are a warm and inviting studio and welcome all of your family, friends, and children. We believe that children should be a part of this wonderful experience so they feel like a part of the family at all times. At Baby Glimpses, we have a large theater-like viewing room that can accommodate seating for 10 people. We have plenty of toys to keep the little ones entertained if they get restless as well.

As a mother, I understand how special and exciting your pregnancy journey is for you and your family. I look forward to sharing in the first of many special moments to come with you and your little one.