Unlike traditional ultrasounds that produce flat black-and-white images of your baby for medical professionals to analyze for the health of your baby, a 4D ultrasound is an excellent way for you to see what your baby actually looks like. At Baby Glimpses, you can  see your baby moving in the womb in real-time! A 4D ultrasound is a beautiful experience for expecting mothers, fathers, and loved ones that all will remember and cherish forever, and we love to share these sweet moments with you! However, while you may want to share this experience at the moment with everyone you love, the reality is that there just isn’t enough room in the ultrasound area. With our livestream, there is no limit to how many people you invite to watch or where they are watching from! It’s so easy, even grandma can join– we promise!

At Baby Glimpses, we provide our customers and guests with unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences with our 4D ultrasounds in the Highlands Ranch, Colorado area. Fortunately, we also offer immediate online downloads of your visit, providing you with instant access to your baby’s video.

But, what do you do with the ultrasound after your appointment?

Here are a few ways to celebrate your beautiful baby with your loved ones with a 4D ultrasound:

Bring Them Along or Enhance Family Get-Togethers

4D ultrasounds are unique, memorable experiences for the mommies AND daddies-to-be as well as the loved ones who come along. Your child’s grandparents, godparents, siblings, and other prominent figures in your child’s life are welcome to attend your ultrasound; however, you should contact us beforehand so we can talk about office capacity. Also, having family over for a BBQ or a holiday celebration could be a great time to break out the video on the living room TV or pass around a tablet to show off your beautiful baby!

Send the Video to Family Across the Country or Abroad

Not everyone can attend your baby’s 4D ultrasound, but with the latest technology we have to offer, sharing this experience with family and friends who are out-of-state or abroad has never been easier! Sending the instant download gives these special people in your life the opportunity to join in the experience with you! Watching this downloadable video also gives them a sense of bonding with your baby, regardless of where they are in the world.

Design EVites for Special Pregnancy Events

If you are looking to make the events of your pregnancy more fun and interactive, you can use your 4D HD ultrasound video to animate your pregnancy announcement or online invitations for your baby shower or gender reveal party. There are plenty of free evite services that allow video uploads that can bring a personal touch to the message.

Share on Social Media

Videos should be shared, and what better places are there to share clips of your 4D ultrasound video than on social media platforms? Whether you are active on Instagram or Facebook there are myriad ways to show off your baby to the world. Be creative, and have fun with it!  And be sure to tag us!

We at Baby Glimpses provide excellent-quality 3D and 4D HD ultrasounds and gender blood tests in the Highlands Ranch region. With our advanced use of technology, we can make sure you are delighted and engaged by every service we offer — and we can ensure that your loved ones can experience everything with you, either in-person or digitally. Remember, there is no limit to how many people you invite to watch or where they are watching from! For more information, please call us today!

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